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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From sillver
Hi Andrey, listen, do you like classical music?
: Yes, but I can’t call myself a connoisseur or a great lover of this art ... Maybe, eventually I’ll be able to fill this gap in my self-education.

2. From Orxan050
Good morning. I’m writing from Baku. What do you feel when playing in front of the full stands? Or when you show your best? Last season, you missed a lot of games due to the injuries. How can you come out on the pitch after all that and fight? Thanks!
: 1.When playing at the overcrowded stadiums, one gets the same pleasure as from the delicious cuisine of Baku.
2. I rarely got injured before. And when I did it wasn’t because of the confrontations. Sometimes injuries just happened simply from some movement, for example, I made a step and felt pain in the muscles. Fights? When you're afraid to go out and fight and think that you can get injured, it will happen. One shouldn’t be afraid and avoid the fights.

3. From polkilo23
Hi, Andrey! I can’t give up smoking; tell me, please, have you ever abused cigarettes?
: No. it isn’t good for your health. It harms your body and one should love and cherish oneself.

4. From Arteyom
How did you start playing football?
.: My Mom and Dad once threw me a ball and somehow I got absorbed in it ;)

5. From Vladdub
Andrey, do you play in pairs with Pavlyuchenko?
.: What game do you mean?

6. From shmelkat
What are going to do after your football career? It’s Katya writing, 12 years old.
: Katya, it’s Andrey answering, 29 years old: I do not know ...

7. From shmelkat
My name is Katya, I am 12 years. I’ve been going in for football for three years already and I dream of becoming a footballer and getting to know you. My question is: Can we be pen-friends?
: We can, Katya. But, I won’t be able to respond you often, you know, football and family affairs will probably distract me ;)

8. From 65724234
Where are you going to finish your career?
: You will find out about it when it happens ;)

9. From fyfcnjcbz2002
Hi Andrey! Does Russia have a chance of becoming the champion of Europe?
: There is always a chance for almost every team.

10. From roma162
Andrey, who can you point out as the most obstinate and unyielding defender in the EPL you have ever played against?
.: The English league has a lot of strong defenders. So I wouldn’t single anybody out.

11. From sashok
Hello :) Dear Andrey, tell me please your Skype name ;) With love,
.: You are welcome. Try to play on my name and surname, and perhaps you’ll find an answer.

12. From sashok,
You are my idol :) I have a question! I’m your Mega-, Mega-, Mega-FAN and I would very much like to have your autograph ;) but I can’t get it 'cause you're in England and I'm in that Perm :( I really want your autograph! How can I get it?
: It’s no good to feel like this about your city. This is your motherland and one can’t pick up his/her motherland, he/she should just love it. As for the autograph, see you someday!

13. From 1messi0
Hi Andrey! I am 20 and I just love football, but don’t have a possibility to play in the Premier League! Although I could have easily played in any position with my abilities! Can you help me to get to the FC Siberia, I will be very grateful! Alexander Cherkasov. And how much will it cost?
.: No, I am powerless here.

14. From antoha94
Hello Andrey! I play football and I want to become a professional Russian player just like you, but I do not live in Russia. Do you think it's possible? What club can accept an 18 year old guy?
: The one that will get interested in him.

15. From Danilin
Andrey, does Fabregas speak Russian?
.: So far he speaks English. But if I become a world champion, I guess he’ll talk with me in Russian.

16. From DaniilOne
Hello, uncle Andrey. I have 4 questions. 1. How old were you when you started to get interested in football? 2. Was it easy to play against the Bulgarians? 3. Have you ever been beaten into unconsciousness? :) If so, did you like it? 4. Have you ever fallen off your chair from laughter :) Well, that’s all. Thank you in advance and take your time answering, good luck
1. Probably since I was 1 year old. 2. No. The game didn’t turn out as such. 4. I fell off the chair for sure. From laughter? Maybe ...

17. From www999
Hi Andrey, my question is: how can I improve my dodging technique?
.: By working on it.

18. From dimadias
Hi, Andrey? Today is August 12 and today is the "Step Up 3D" premiere.  Have you ever watched at least one out of three parts of this movie? What do you prefer: to watch movies in 3D or in normal format? And finally, are there any cinemas in London, where one can watch a movie in Russian? I hope you're fine and won’t ignore my message :) Thanks) From Madinka)
: I’ve watched only one film in this format. Avatar. I watched it with my whole family and we enjoyed it. Russian cinemas in London? I guess, no. There was a Russian movie week in London last year, Julia and I had plans to attend this event but something got in the way.

19. From Leondinho
Hello, Andrey! I am a big fan of yours for a very long time. I was in the professional football for many years, but I had to leave it due to the knee injury. I admire the way you play, your style, technique, charisma. I want to thank you for the great football you show and for the fact that you bring joy to your fans and supporters. I wish you to stay injury-free, more health to you, your wife and children. So I wanna ask you as a person who knows the situation from inside: Do you think the World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia? Does our country have prerequisites for such a huge tournament?
.: Great work has been done; Russia has everything to host this tournament. If I’m invited to Zurich, where this decision will be made, I’d support our delegation with great pleasure.

20. From andreysss
Andrey, why don’t my questions reach you for the second month?
.: Perhaps, they got lost?

21. From Parkour
Andrey, it’s rumored that you are going to play for the Hockey club “Ak Bars”. Is it true?
: Yes, of course. There remains only to buy the skates, a stick and a helmet. And why for Ak Bars? When I was a kid, I was a fan of the SKA from the banks of Neva. I used to go to the Yubileyniy stadium and sat at the stands behind the gate. I still remember many chants, for example, about the goalkeeper Valery Ivannikov. I remember the fun trips in the last car of the subway train. I also remember the announcer's voice: "Please welcome the team of the Leningrad Army Sports Club and .... ". It was a great time and now you got me shoved in the Ak Bars. :)

22. From Rik88
While playing against Blackpool, you were discussing something with Theo Walcott looking in the direction of the fans of the opposite team.
Yes, they are good fellows who supported their team. They didn’t stop doing it even when the score was 0-5. Theo told me: Andrey, do you hear what they are singing about? I asked him to clarify. It turned out that they were singing that the score was 0 - 5, but they will win 6-5. That was funny. I like it when people have a sense of humor when supporting their clubs. My friend was at the match against Liverpool. He said that the fans were hurling insults at each other for the entire match but after the game they left the stadium together and went to London in the same train. There was not a single clash. It was surprising for him.

Translated by Ekaterina Shlychkova

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