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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




Andrey Arshavin has answered the questions of his site visitors about goalkeeping, about his red cards, about Olympic Games, about the bees, about Campbell and about a lot of other things.

1. From kostea
Are you good at goalkeeping?

I was good when I was a kid. Sometimes I even took virtually dead balls.
There has been a long time since I last stood in the frame.

2. From dysano
Andrey, just wanted to ask you who you think is the best goalkeeper in the whole history of football?

Among the contemporary goalkeepers I saw playing I liked the Dutchman Van
Breukelen, champion of Europe 88. Buffon. When Buffon finishes his
career, Igor Akinfeev will become the best.

3. From kostea
Can you say at least approximately how many red cards you received?

From childhood? I think there were about 7 or 8 in my whole career.

4. From galinanaz
Hello, Andrey! I was wondering whether these moving and changing advertising billboards on the pitch can distract from the game?
: No

5. From Nikita5
Good evening,
Andrey, I was in London with my son this October and we went to see Arsenal-Blackburn game (just a miracle as we arrived just the day before the match and even managed to buy tickets for Liverpool – Chelsea game). Your team won (You scored). In general, football in England is like a holiday, football fans are different, they have great sense of humor, and many Arsenal fans love you (especially ticket wallahs).
Question: Since you play well and strike with your both legs, tell me please what methods do you use for exercising “a weak leg”. Thank you.

I have never done anything special. Only when the ball was under my left
leg, I tried not to shift it to the stronger one, and played with my
left. Over the time, I noticed that my left leg started working better.

6. From mika61
Dear Andrey,
I wanted to wish you good luck in this difficult period for you. Don't lose your confidence, YOU ARE THE BEST, do not lose hope, continue to play your football and your success will come back ... Do not lose your motivation please, we're behind you to support you ... Do we still vibrate dear Andrey ! You will find the way of the goal soon !
Best regards - Mickael
: Tnank you

7. From madam1kristinckao1ou
Hi Andrey,
We were asked to write a paper at school about some athlete and everybody wrote about you! My friend and I took information from your web-site and we got excellent marks! Thank you very much for the site and for your football.
Sincerely, Christine
: I’m glad :)

8. From Sayana
Hi Andrey, I want to ask you, do you know where the Republic of Khakassia is? I live there, it’s Western Siberia, and its capital city is Abakan, I want you to come here, it’s my dream. But I’m positive that it will never come true! :(
: Everything is possible….

9. From Sayana
Who do you think is going to win the Champions League this year?
: I hope it is Arsenal

10. From KolyaNike
I have a question for you! Do I have a chance in Zenit youth team, if I live upcountry but I have determination and my coach says I can succeed!?
Good luck in Arsenal and show them who RUSSIANS are and who YOU are! Good luck in everything you do, Andryukha!
: Everything depends only on you.

11. From Olga22
Hello, Andrey! Do you have a personal shrink?
: No

12. From Olga22
Hello Andrey: If you have time, will watch Vancouver broadcasts? What kind of winter sport do you like?
I like biathlon. I’ve managed to watch it only once so far; don’t have enough time.

13. From veizel
Hi! I’m overweight. What shall I do?
: Lose weight :)

14. From veizel
Hi, Andrey! I am 13 years old and I began to play football 2 years ago.
Do you think I’ll be able to become a professional footballer?
: I do not know.

15. From valerian
Andrey, I’m very worried about the number of injured in the team. Maybe there are some flaws in players’ physical training? Excessive stress? Is there a special person in charge of this? Thank you.
: It’s a difficult question

16. From honeygirl
Hello Andrey! My question might be silly, but the whole purpose of this site is to ask you the questions that interest us :) As far as I know, Orlando Bloom lives in England (I’m not sure where exactly) Maybe you met him somewhere? Well, I guess it’s possible)))
Good luck!
: No.

17. From IvanOrlov
Do you think Tymoschuk will come back to Zenit?
: I don’t know.

18. From iorh99
Do you watch football on TV?
: Yes

19. From marusuy
My name is Maria, I live in Tajikistan, I play football too and I’m your big fan. I would like to invite you to Khujand and I’d like you to have a look at our team.
: Thank you.

20. From kutarba
Andrey, who is the most inconvenient defender in England? Who played rude against you? Does anyone come into your mind?
: No one played especially rude against me. Everybody play tough. Especially in the National League. IAll defenders play like this in this championship.

21. From nastyaspb
Hello, Andrey! I am a student from St. Petersburg! I like football and your game especially! And I understand why you left Zenith, though it was a pity.
We are going to come to London in late March. Where would you recommend us to go?
P.S. I’ve checked that I won’t be able to see the games.
: At first, take a sightseeing bus tour around London.

22. From kostea
Have you ever been stung by the bees in the forehead or near the eye?
: No, but I’ve been stung once in my behind by a bee.

23. From Mansur95
Hello Andrey. What do you think about Campbell?
: He has been useful to the team so far.

24. From CapatoBec
Hi Andrey, I’ve got 2 questions for you 1) Have you ever swore in Russian during the game?)) 2) I’ve watched a lot of Arsenal games and, in my opinion, Bentner doesn’t like you? Whenever you have an opportunity to escape, he passes to the other players, what do you think?
1. Yes, for several times
2. Why many people think that he treats me badly? I said many times that
we were on good terms with Nick.

25. From kostea
Have you cleaned your yard from snow in London?
: No

26. From kostea
Andrey, how often do you eat onions or garlic??
: It happens sometimes…

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