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Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
Something did not work out. Arsene Wenger’s team showed no results.  They could not beat the leaders again. Gunners’ supporters don’t like it at all. Players’ injuries, no luck, other reasons – we can write a long
and interesting list, but today we don’t want to. It’s getting boring.
"We are waiting for the changes" - sang Viktor Tsoi.
"Victory", - said Alexander Nevsky and won...
It’s another time now, another manners.
"The economy should be economical," said L. Brezhnev ......
Was Leonid Ilich right? Time will tell.
Now let's talk to Andrey Arshavin, the one who tried to fight overcoming his pain and to be useful to the team

AA: Today we lost the game that was called “a big battle”. You started the game brightly. First five minutes were Arsenal’s. It seemed: At least today John Terry and his guys will go home, (or somewhere else), with only one point at most.
: We wanted to win, played for a win. No luck again?
: I do not know. I think that one of the reasons of our defeat is that we were unable to cope with Drogba. He scored twice against us. What Arsenal tried to do in return? What did you do to equalize the game?
: We played, tried to organize pressure on Cech’s gate, tried to escalate the pace. Arsenal tried to control the ball, did everything to score a goal. If we could have scored past Cech, the game would have gone differently, but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Now there is only one thing to do - to prepare for the next game with Liverpool. You mentioned Chelsea’s goalkeeper. Peter played at a high level. When the score was 0-1, he managed to get virtually "dead" ball, after your stroke. Can he be called a hero of the game?
: I would not say that he had a lot of work to do today, but in all those episodes he participated in, I think everyone could see what he was a great goalkeeper. World Championship will be held this summer but frankly, that doesn’t really matter for us, Russians, anymore. Just a spectacle, a holiday we do not participate in. No Russians there…. But! Today there was a draw for European Championship qualifying round: A real event! An event no Russian fan can be indifferent to. Right after this mysterious rite with the balls, we talked to your spouse. However, Julia was not very happy with the results.
: As life showed us, any rival is a difficult one for Russian national team. The group is interesting. I think that it’s in our power to try to get first place in the group. Who can be a pain in the neck?
: Slovakia and Ireland.

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